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Photo Mat Resources

Article Index

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Anatomy of a Frame

Anatomy of Mat Board

Artist Cooperatives: Advantages and Disadvantages

Artistic Engagement - Ensuring the Future

Artists and Photographers 2.0

The Benefits of Giving

The Buzz about Blogging: What Artists and Photographers Need to Know

Buffered Museum Matboard vs- Un-buffered Museum Matboard
What is the difference and when should you choose Un-Buffered Museum Rag Matting.

Conservation: It Can Make A Difference

Conservation and Preservation for the Artist or the Alchemist

Coupons and Discounts as a Way to Boost Sales

Creative Commons - The Value and Risk of Flexible Copyright

Cutting Through the Clutter of Inkjet Paper

Festivals and Other Events: The Art of the Sale

Finding Business in Unexpected Places

Finding Your Niche - Need more exposure, more sales?

5 Tips For Buying Art

GETTING READY: Preparing Your Images for the Web

A Global Audience: Three Ways to Get Started Online
Artists have several choices when it comes to putting their work online. In this article, we will outline those choices.

Inspiration & Education on the Web

Hinging and Adhesives: Choosing the Sticky Stuff for the Job

Hinging: Mastering the Casual Hinge in Seven Simple Steps

Hinging: The Transition from Artistic Element to Masterpiece

How To Preserve Your Photos

Making the Most of Your Digital Photographs at Home

Mat Board Cutters - Are They Worth The Time And Aggravation?
This article offers some insight into why buying a mat board cutter isn't worth your time or money.

Matworks: Focus on Mats

Nielsen Bainbridge Artcare Process, Products A with Z, and the FACTS Behind Them

Photo Matting with Double-Sided Tape

Photo Supply Basics and Equipment Needed For Digital Cameras

Potpourri - Dear Redimat

Pricing Your Art Work

Pricing Your Artwork: More Thoughts

REDIMAT RESOLUTIONS: The 4 Things You Should Do To Day

Selling Art? Create a Customer Scenario

Spring Clean, or Spring Cling?

Ten Aha! Uses For Mat Board

'What's Hot!' and 'What's Not' - Eyeing Trends

Treasures for the Artist's Library

Using Words to Market Your Art

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