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Matboard is typically made of three layers. A surface paper, a core, and a backing paper.

The surface paper will be the front of the matboard and will be the decorative element. As such it will usually have texture and color applied to it to make it visually attractive.

The core is the bulk of the matboard and is used to give it the desired thickness.

The backing paper is the layer of paper which will actually be touching the artwork and does not refer to backing or mounting board which is a separate product.

During the manufacturing process all three layers are laminated together to form a single board which is then cut to form the matboard.

Economy Matting (cream, white, and black core)

These boards have buffered acid free surface, core and backing paper

Conservation Matting (Crescent Select, Alpha Mat, Conservation Solids)

100% virgin alpha-cellulose surface paper, core and backing paper

Conservation Rag Matting (Rag Mat)

100% virgin alpha-cellulose surface color paper, 100% cotton brite core and backing

Museum Rag Matting (Museum Solids, Alpha Rag, Museum 8ply)

100% cotton. Solid layer of color from front to back