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Photo Matting With Double-Sided Tape


  1. Place the picture on the mounting board and put the window mat over it. (Don't affix anything yet. We are just getting things positioned.)
    Now you can carefully slide the picture around beneath the window mat so that it is lined up the way you want. After it is positioned, place a small soft weight on top of the image so that the picture won't move around when you lift the window mat.

  2. Matting Illustration

  3. Remove the window mat and use a pencil to lightly mark the edges of the picture.
    Many people skip these first two steps, preferring to simply "eye" the positioning. I figure that the time saved is more than offset by the occasional sloppy matting job that would result.

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  5. Place a short strip of double-sided tape for each edge of the picture within the outline that you made. If the picture is small, a single strip of tape at the top may be enough to hold it in place. I recommend using Scotch ATG Gold tape because it is thin and acid free.

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  7. Carefully place the picture on top of the mounting board, lining up the edges with the lines you drew previously. Gently rub the picture into place.
    If you are nervous about this step, I recommend practicing a bit with some throwaway images first.

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  9. Place the window mat, backside up, next to the mounting board. Line up the edges and run a strip of tape along both the window mat and the mounting board to create a hinge. This hinge will hold the window mat in place while allowing it to expand or contract.

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  11. Now you have a properly matted picture that can last for years without decay.

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