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SUMMARY: Sausalito, California is home to the largest San Francisco Bay Area art festival, held annually on Labor Day weekend. This article gives an overview of the Sausalito Art Festival so that artists and photographers may make an informed decision about whether or not to attend the event.


What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?

Hopefully you haven't thought that far ahead yet, and the date is still open; because you are strongly encouraged to consider attending the Sausalito Art Festival. This is a "must-do" event for all artists and photographers who have the means to attend.

What is unique about the Sausalito Art Festival?

Every art festival is unique and worthwhile, but here are four distinguishing features of the Sausalito Art Festival:

  1. It's Reputation
  2. The Artists
  3. Networking
  4. The Setting

1. Its Reputation
This is absolutely the "Granddaddy" of outdoor fine art festivals. Over its rich history of 52 years, it has gained national recognition as the #1 Outdoor Fine Art Festival in America, and has earned an international standing for excellence in the arts. It is now considered one of the best and most prestigious fine art festivals in the United States by both artists and collectors worldwide.

2. The Artists
If you want to experience good art, this is the way to do it. In addition to the prolific community of artists in Sausalito, the festival showcases an unparalleled collection of over 20,000 original works of local, American, and International artists alike. A jury of respected museum curators, professional collectors, gallery owners, and art professors carefully considers submissions. The competition is fierce, and the talent is evident.

3. Networking
For the assertive artist, this festival offers unique opportunities to meet privately with participating artists, during which time you may discuss their art, their craft, seek advice, etc. And due to the size of the festival, there are endless opportunities for informal networking with other attending artists as well as with the art-friendly public.

Festival 2003 Commemorative Posters
Photographed by Peter Lik

4. The Setting
Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito is located on the San Francisco Bay shoreline with breathtaking views. The world famous beauty of Sausalito has long attracted curious artists who see the city in photographs and paintings and come to capture it themselves.

When you are not browsing the festival's art showcase, you can stretch out on the lawn in the scenic bayside park and enjoy nonstop waterfront entertainment on two stages. There is plenty of music and dancing, and you may complete your experience by sampling gourmet delights with California champagne and fine wines. The weekend promises an abundant suite of fine art, food, and wine.

Again, What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend?

As a photographer or artist, you don't want to miss out on this cornerstone event. Go to the Sausalito Art Festival this year and come away with a deeper passion for your art. For more information about the Sausalito Art Festival, visit their website []
or call the main office at (415) 332-3555.

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