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Photo Mat Resources


Most artists work to please themselves. However, few wouldn't mind making a little money while doing it. These guides will help you sell your artwork without losing integrity.


Images That Sell

What potential does your art have in the marketplace?

To Frame Or Not To Frame

Framing can enhance, protect, and add significant value to your artwork.

Pricing Your Art Work

Whether you're just starting to sell your art or have been for some time, it's always good to evaluate your pricing.

The Business Side of Selling Art

Great art sells itself, right? Not necessarily. There's a lot of work beyond creating the photograph or painting that goes into selling art.

Selling art? Create a Customer Scenario

Selling art can be difficult. Create a scenario of what your customer might be looking for and understand what pieces sell.

Finding Success at Art Fairs

Art fairs are a great place for artists to sell artwork. With a little preparation your first art fair could be a great success.