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The width and depth inside the frame that fits over the glazing, mat, artwork, and backing material.

rag paper/board
A paper or board manufactured with a high-content of long, cotton fibers. Cotton fiber contains no lignin and has historically been considered the most appropriate material for use in photographic storage enclosures and framing packages.

reflection control glazing
Glazing that reduces the mirror effect in which reflections of objects can create distracting or obscuring ghost images superimposed over the artwork, but does not itself obscure the artwork in any way.

In a double mat, the reveal is the amount of the bottom mat that will show. The rest will be behind the top mat.

shrink wrap
Thin plastic film used to wrap printed material or artwork. When passed through a heat source, the film shrinks to the shape of the wrapped product.

Often made from foam core or mat board, a spacer creates an area between the plexi-glass and the picture. Shadow Box frames can be made using spacers.

standard mat board
This is good quality mat, and the least expensive. It is often termed "acid-free" but should not be confused with conservation quality mat.

ultraviolet protection glazing
Glazing that protects artwork from fading do to ultraviolet light exposure. This means it matters which side of the glazing is facing out. Natural sunlight and fluorescent lamps emit ultraviolet light.

weighting, bottom weighting
Making one side of a mat--almost always the bottom--wider than the others.

The opening in a mat board through which the image will show. The window is usually 1/8 to 1/2 inch smaller than the image so the image can be taped to the back of the mat.

wood pulp paper/board
A paper manufactured with wood pulp. Wood pulps are manufactured to a variety of lignin contents and therefore have various levels of stability. Highly purified wood-pulp fiber contains very little lignin and has more recently been considered an appropriate material for us in photographic storage enclosures and framing packages. Full purified wood-pulp papers appear to be as stable as cotton-pulp papers when used for preservation purposes.

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