NB Photography Ready Made Frame Set

NB Photography Ready Made Frame Set


Nielsen Bainbridge is the premier resource for the best and highest quality archival and EcoCare ready made frames available at a very affordable price.

The Archival line of frames contains the patented MicroChamber technology used in Nielsen Bainbridge Artcare Mats and Artcare Mountboard. Archival frames contain UV Glass to protect pictures from sun and light damage. These unique components create an archival enclosure that prevents photographs from fading and discoloring.

EcoCare frames from Nielsen Bainbridge offer a beautiful and economical framing selection using Earth friendly materials.


  • Minimalist narrow moulding
  • Black Finish
  • Double thick mat – white
  • 2 ply white mount
  • UV Glazing
Frame Size Fits Artwork Bonus Mat 1-56+
16x16 8x8  $32.67$28.60
16x20 11x14  $32.67$28.60
16x20 11x14 8x10 $35.53$31.37