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Wholesale Matting


REDIMAT now offers a wide variety of photo and art supplies including an excellent selection of adhesives. Now you can get your pre-cut mat board and the supplies you will need to mount your work all at the same place.

archival productLineco® 4 inch See-Thru Mounting Strips (60/Pkg.)

See-Thru Mounting Strips are made from conservation quality materials. Mylar® polyester is bonded to a 2 ply mat with a self-adhesive back. Simply position the artwork and adhere the strips to the mount board. No adhesive touches the art. Accommodates larger art and can be cut to smaller sizes for a particular job. See-Thru strips provide several advantages over corners; a few along the bottom provide full length support, application is easy, the art stays flat, and the strips are applied around the edges. The Mylar® may be trimmed to hide the strip with borders as small as 1/8".

Size: 4"
Package of 60


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Lineco® 4 inch See-Thru Mounting Strips (60/Pkg.)