Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes trying to get the right information is difficult. We want to make sure we answer your questions, so here is a list of common ones we get everyday. Don't see your answer? Give us a call at 1-877-883-1011.


On the pricing sheet there is a column labeled “blanks”, what are these?

Blanks are mat board which has been cut to a specified outer dimension, but with no opening. These are sometimes used as backing, but more commonly used for customers who wish to cut their own mats.


Do you offer a printed catalog?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do so due to the volume of products we offer, as keeping a catalog up to date would be a difficult task. Our website, however, is always fully up to date.


If I wish to order mat board, but have less than the $50 minimum order, can I just pay the $4.95 handling charge?

Unfortunately no, Redimat is a wholesale company and in order to provide our products at wholesale prices, orders, which include mat board do require a $50 minimum in order for us to process them.


Do you sell double mats and, if so, how do I calculate the cost?

Yes, we sell doubles mats. Just take the price of one mat board and multiply times two for the price. For instance, you want 24 Double Cream Core mats of 11x14 outsides; and the cost per mat is $1.12, the double mat price would then be $2.24 each. A triple mat would be calculated in the same way.


What if I don't see the opening size I need in your standard sizes on your pricing page? Does that mean I can't order what I need?

If you don't see the size you need, then it would be considered a 'custom' mat. If this is the case, the cost is calculated this way: Pricing would be based on the type of material you choose, and the outside dimension of the custom mat. If you order 24 or more of this custom size, the set up charge of $10.00 would be waived.


How long do you usually take to get my order processed and ready to ship?

Generally, our processing time is 1-2 working days.


I live in the Eastern United States, how long does shipping UPS ground generally take?

Usually UPS Ground takes 5 working days (not weekends) to get from California to the East Coast, so allow yourself this time along with the time it takes for us to process your order (1-2 working days for most orders). Allow approximately two weeks total. See our UPS shipping map


Can I order online?

All standard single and double matting and accessories maybe ordered online. Most custom sizes can be ordered online using the custom ordering form link found on each mat board product page.


If I have a custom matte size, and it is not a standard outside dimension, how do I calculate my cost?

If you have a mat with an outside dimension of say, 10 X 12, this would be priced at the 11x14 size in whatever mat material you need. Please note there is a $10 set up fee for orders less than 24 per custom size. The $10 fee is waived on orders of 24 or more per size. The cost of custom mats can be calculated exactly using the custom order feature on each mat board product page.