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REDIMAT Ordering Information


SUMMARY: The number of options that REDIMAT offers may seem overwhelming, but, in reality, ordering the right photo mat is a very simple process.

Illustration - Measuring art 1)

Measure the piece of art that you wish to mat.

Keep in mind that you might want to crop sections of the work


Illustration - inner dimensions for mat 2)

Find your mat board's inner dimensions.

The inner dimensions or window of the mat board should be 1/2 to 1/4 inches less than the dimensions of your piece of art. This provides a surface to which the work can be taped or glued.

For instance, a 5 x 7 photo ought to have a window that measures about 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches.

Illustration - outer dimensions for mat 3)

Choose your mat board's outer dimensions.

Along with custom-cut mat board, REDIMAT offers a variety of outside dimensions for most of its precut mat board sizes. Some works may benefit from a wide border, while others may simply get lost.

You might also want to consider these other matting options:

Illustration - double mat Illustration - tripple mat Illustration - bottom wieghted mat
Double Mat Triple Mat Bottom Weighted

In double matting, two mats are used, one slightly smaller than the other. The difference between them is called the reveal.

Price is twice that of the single mat board pricing.

Triple matting uses three mats to accent a work.

Price is three times that of the single mat board pricing.

With bottom weighting, the border is wider on the bottom than the top, which can look quite nice.

Price is the single mat board pricing.
Illustration 4)

Choose the quality of mat board.

Different pieces of art require different grades of mat board. An inexpensive snapshot will benefit from standard decorative mat board (paper) while an important family heirloom deserves nothing less than museum-grade mat board 100% Cotton, Rag Mat board.

Illustration Illustration Illustration
Decorative Conservation Museum Rag

Affordable paper mat boards come in an exciting range of decorative colors and styles.

An elegant, refined 100% cotton mat board offering a balance between price and quality.

Superior 100% cotton mat board offering quality and unsurpassed protection.

Illustration - backing boards 5)

Choose backing board.

Backing boards or mounting boards go behind the piece of art. REDIMAT offers an extensive variety of sizes in foam core (acid free or standard), chip board, acid-free white X-board, and 3X-board. Also, available in black mounting boards, and black foam boards.

Illustration - matting supplies 6)

Make sure you have the right supplies.

REDIMAT sells acid-free, archival adhesives for matting as well as ph neutral poly bags for protecting and displaying artwork.

Illustration 7)

How many photo mats do you want?

REDIMAT offers bulk discounts on orders with as few as six mat boards (same color, same size). Plan ahead and save.

Illustration 8)

Have your Visa/Mastercard/American Express and order information handy.

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