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Select Solids
Select Solids
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Double Mat Board (8) 10 × $8.86 ea. = $88.60
Backing & Mounting Board Specifics not set--- but long captions will be automatically trimmed 210 × $4344.65 ea. = $3236.50
Poly Bags Specifics not set--- but long captions will be automatically trimmed 1 × $239.25 ea. = $29.25
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SELECT SOLIDS add dimension and depth to your conservation matting. Made with one solid color throughout for added richness and drama in 12 classic neutral colors. 100% alpha-celulouse conservation quality. Designed to protect original artwork, reproduction prints or anything in-between.

Great care has been taken to represent our mat board colors as accurately as possible, however color variance among monitors means that mat colors on your screen may not be exact. Openings in illustration are not representative of actually specified opening size.

We also offer Multiple Window Collage Picture Matting and uncut mat board. If you are looking for uncut mat board you can order Select Solids mat blanks in any of our colors from the drop down menu under standard sizes. The blanks are listed at the bottom of the list and have the outside dimensions only listed and say (BLANKS) in the description rather than window opening size. We offer all our standard sizes from 5x7 up to full sheets of 32x40 and everything in between with custom matting.

If you have any questions about what size mat board you need or sizing your pictures or other artwork, please give our customer service a call or see our online sizing guide to selecting the best size for your framing and matting needs. REDIMAT offers a large selection of photo mat board products in the most popular picture and frames sizes including several harder to find square picture sizes. Using the custom mat board feature found on this material page it is possible to create most any custom mat size and you get the same pricing as our standard sizes when buying in bulk quantities.

All of our Conservation Select 4ply solid color mat board is precision cut for perfect craftsmanship with our computerized mat cutters and skilled operators in the USA.


  • Recommended for fine art prints, photographs, valuable papers and documents.
  • 4 Ply (1/16” thick)
  • Solid color throughout
  • 100% virgin aplha-cellulose fiber
  • Acid-free and lignin-free
  • Color pigments are fade and bleed resistant
  • Window mats are precision cut at a 45 Degree Bevel
  • Clean straight outside edges
  • Brand Name: Crescent
  • Made in the USA

Volume Ordering Discount Price Chart

Sizes shown in inches. All pricing is per color/per size.

Outsize 12-78-2324-4748-99100-249250-9991000+Blanks*
5x7 $4.95$3.65$2.71$2.10$1.80$1.55$1.37$1.32$1.67
8x10 $5.37$4.06$3.09$2.27$1.88$1.56$1.44$1.38$1.87
9x12 $7.15$5.88$4.25$3.35$2.98$2.58$2.46$2.35$2.77
11x14 $9.95$7.16$5.71$3.82$3.47$3.19$3.11$2.98$3.46
12x12 $12.95$8.42$6.58$4.41$3.87$3.50$3.40$3.29
12x16 $12.95$8.42$6.58$4.41$3.87$3.50$3.40$3.29$3.75
14x18 $13.95$9.25$7.99$4.89$4.62$4.38$4.06$3.85$4.84
16x20 $14.95$10.15$8.55$4.99$4.72$4.48$4.15$3.94$4.95
18x24 $19.95$15.67$11.43$8.43$7.89$7.66$7.57$7.44$7.88
20x24 $21.95$16.17$11.92$8.55$7.99$7.76$7.67$7.49$7.95
22x28 $31.95$18.49$16.75$11.50$11.00$10.50$10.00$9.50$15.13
24x30 $31.95$18.49$16.75$11.50$11.00$10.50$10.00$9.50$15.13
32x40 $39.95$26.79$22.50$16.50$16.00$14.50$13.70$12.40$16.42