ClearBags™ - Body Closure Style - 100 Bags Per Package

ClearBags™ - Body Closure Style - 100 Bags Per Package


Promote, Protect, and Preserve your art and photography products with Body Closure Style ClearBags.

Crystal Clear Bags are designed to provide a great presentation; protection from fingerprints and the rigors of the retail distribution process to ensure your product always looks great.

REDIMAT offers both Traditional Closure and Body Closure styles of bags. Traditional style clear bags come with an adhesive strip on the flap of the bag, which allows the bag to be tightened very nicely against your matted artwork. This design is accommodating to all items that are smaller than the height of a bag as the flap seal can be folded past the opening if needed. This makes these bags the most versatile sealing bags. BC style clear bags have an adhesive strip on the body of the bag, which adds extra protection for your work by removing any risk of getting stuck to the adhesive when you or your customers remove the artwork from the sleeve. On the drop down menu for size, the first dimension listed will be the side with the adhesive strip and the opening of the bag. For example, 5x7 has the opening on the 5 inch side while 7x5 has it on the 7 inch side.

The clarity of the bags are very close to that of glass, giving your art a truly first class display!

All bags are both acid and lignin free making them the ideal choice for presentation, storage and archiving. Made from Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), a superior material that does not easily rip, tear, wrinkle, or fog like other plastics and are archival safe.

All Clear Bags are sized a little larger than the intended photography and art with the thickness of backing boards and mats for a perfect fit. Example: The dimensions listed for the bag size is the outer most dimensions of your mat board size. If your matting is 16x20 you would pick that size for your Clear Bags.


  • All bag sizes are 1/4 larger on length and 7/16 on the width unless otherwise noted
  • 1.6 mil Thick
  • Protective Closure flap stye
  • Easy to open and seal
  • USPS Approved