Mat Board Show Kits



The original Economy Mat Board Show Kit from REDIMAT makes it easy to display, protect, and travel with your artwork. Each set comes complete with either 12 or 25 pre cut double mats in White Core - Smooth White over Smooth White color, backing boards and crystal Clear Bags. The clarity of the bags is very close to that of glass giving your art a truly first class display and ready to sell! Redi-Pak Double Mat Show Kits are a perfect all in one solution when you need all three parts (pre-cut mat boards, backers and Clear Bags) offering an exceptional wholesale value.

In double matting, two mats are used where the window opening for the top mat is cut slightly larger than the bottom mat window. The difference between them is called the reveal. Our standard size double mats have a reveal that is 1/4".

Economy Double Mat Board Show Kits are offered in the most popular rectangle and square picture sizes in a classic combination of Smooth White over Smooth White or Smooth White over Smooth Black all at the best price. Besides our White Core mat kits we also have sets to choose from in our economy Cream Core and Black Core. All of our economy matting is a buffered acid-free non-conservation grade. If you are looking for show kits in an archival mat board we have sets in Conservation White Core and Select Black Core.

If you need sizes and colors not offered as a show kit be sure to check out our full line of photo mat board offerings in the bulk section of our website. Buying everything separately allows for virtually unlimited choices, including ones with custom window sizes. BUY MORE AND ENJOY EVEN GREATER SAVINGS with volume discounts on pre cut photo matting, backing boards, and Clear Bags.

If you have any questions about what size mat board you need or sizing your pictures or other artwork, please give our customer service a call or see our
online sizing guide to selecting the best size for your matting needs. REDIMAT offers a large selection of photo mat board products in the most popular picture and frames sizes including several harder to find square picture sizes.

All of our mat board is precision cut for perfect craftsmanship with our computerized mat cutters and skilled operators in the USA.


  • Material: White Core
  • Top Mat Color: Smooth White (Bright White)
  • Bottom Mat Color: Smooth White (Bright White)
  • Sets of 12 or 25 Pre-Cut Double Mats
  • Bright White Backing Boards
  • Clear Bags
  • All mats and backers are buffered acid-free and are 4-PLY (1/16” thick)
  • Window mats are precision cut at a 45 Degree Bevel
  • Clean straight outside edges
  • Face and Liner mat come glued together, backing is loose
  • Reveal between face and liner mat is 1/4"
  • Brand Name: Crescent
  • Made in the USA