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Double Mat Board (8) 10 × $8.86 ea. = $88.60
Backing & Mounting Board Specifics not set--- but long captions will be automatically trimmed 210 × $4344.65 ea. = $3236.50
Poly Bags Specifics not set--- but long captions will be automatically trimmed 1 × $239.25 ea. = $29.25
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Self-adhesive mounting boards that allow for easy positioning and repositioning until a permanent bond is activated by firm pressure. Perfect Mount is available on single and double thick boards and white foam center board and feature an acid-free adhesive and buffered - pH neutral surfaces. Ideal for mounting posters, inexpensive prints, photographs and other art and craft projects.

No need for special equipment or messy sprays. Simply position your work, apply pressure and it's bonded for good and its ready for display or matted and framed.

Perfect Mount - Standard white surface on cream core. Buffered, acid-free board. Ideal for all general mounting applications. Available in single (1/16") and double thick (1/8") boards.

Perfect Mount Foam - 3/16th" foam board in solid white. pH neutral acrylic adhesive. Ideal for all general mounting applications where a thicker mounting board is beneficial.

Adhesive Bond: Permanent bonding time will vary depending on type of paper being mounted. Most papers bond within minute after pressure is applied. Maximum bonding time is 24 hours. Some items as RC photographs and coated papers, may bond more quickly, lessening it re-position-ability. More care must be taken in the initial positioning of these items. Fabric bonds securely. Paper art and photographs bond permanently to Perfect Mount. Do not use to mount items that may need to be removed at a later date.

Due to the vast number of coated papers and media on the market today, Crescent strongly recommends that the user test the suitability of Perfect Mount with each intended substrate. The adhesive used for Perfect Mount may not universally bond with all products. Because of this, the user must assume all ricks and liabilities in connection with the use of Perfect Mount.

* Perfect Mount is not recommended for the mounting of valuable artwork or limited edition prints.


  • Color: White
  • 1/16" Thick
  • Adhesive: A pH neutral acrylic adhesive, chemically inert and activated by pressure.
  • Recommended for:
    Presentation Materials
    Needle Art
    Art Prints

Volume Ordering Discount Price Chart

Sizes shown in inches. All pricing is per color/per size.

Outsize 12-78-2324-4748-99100-499500+
5x7 $2.10$1.82$1.59$1.45$1.35$1.27$1.21
8x10 $2.99$2.28$1.95$1.79$1.75$1.71$1.69
9x12 $4.25$3.44$2.76$2.55$2.47$2.40$2.34
11x14 $5.50$4.25$3.84$3.60$3.35$3.18$2.90
12x16 $5.89$4.86$4.06$3.87$3.75$3.70$3.68
14x18 $7.25$6.64$5.35$4.66$4.50$4.31$4.18
16x20 $7.55$6.74$5.44$4.71$4.55$4.35$4.24
18x24 $14.75$13.61$11.00$9.10$8.46$8.28$7.48
20x24 $14.85$13.61$11.00$9.10$8.46$8.28$7.48
22x28 $18.25$15.47$14.00$12.10$11.25$10.50$9.95
24x30 $18.25$15.47$14.00$12.10$11.25$10.50$9.95
32x40 $24.00$22.00$19.50$18.00$17.50$17.00$16.50
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