Lineco® Gummed Paper Hinging Tape

Lineco® Gummed Paper Hinging Tape


Hinging Tapes:
Lineco provides framers with mounting and hinging tapes that are far superior to common tapes and adhesives found elsewhere. All paper, fabric and adhesives are used in the manufacture of Lineco products are acid-free and carefully controlled to assure achival quality.

  • Hinging Tips:
  • Tear, don't cut, hinges to leave a feathered edge
  • Match the hinge strength to the art being mounted. The hinge should tear before the art.
  • All hinges should be attached to the back of the art.
  • Wait for gummed adhesives to absorb the water before application.

  • When to use Gummed Tapes:
    Gummed (or water activated) are the first choice for most valued art. Conservators prefer gummed tapes over pressure sensitive tapes because gummed tapes are easily removed with water. Gummed adhesives are strong and stay attached over a wide range of temperatures and humidity.