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Copyright Notice To Customers

Redimat respects the intellectual property of Authors and Creators of visual images.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting images to Redimat.com for processing, printing, or digital services, I (we) (the customer(s)) acknowledge that I (we) have read the Copyright Notice to Customers that appears on the Redimat website (www.redimat.com) and agree to be bound by them as conditions to the provision by Redimat.com of the services requested. I (we) maintain that I (we) am familiar with the copyright laws governing reproduction of copyrighted materials and represent that the content of any images submitted to you (Redimat.com) for processing, printing or other digital image services was originally created by me and that I am the sole owner of the copyright therein or, if I am not the copyright owner, that I have reviewed the prior written authorization of the copyright owner to submit the works to you and for you to perform the services I have requested, including the preparation, alteration, making of copies and publication of derivative works, and that I must provide such written authorization to you upon request.